Alexander Zverev hopes ‘smart man’ Ivan Lendl will give him Grand Slam boost

Ivan Lendlo and Alexander Zverev chatting

Alexander Zverev asked Ivan Lendl to join his coaching set-up as the former world No 1 “knows what it takes” to win the biggest tournaments in the world.

The 21-year-old German has long been being touted as a future Grand Slam winner and world No 1.

He has already achieved a career-high of three in the world rankings, but he is yet to hit his strides in the majors with his best performance his quarter-final showing at this year’s French Open.

Zverev hopes Lendl can help him to get his breakthrough in the majors.

“The reason I’m with him is to compete and win the biggest tournaments in the world,” he is quoted as saying by “That’s the only reason he would join, as well. It’s great having him here. Hopefully it will show in the results.”

He added: “He’s a smart man, a great guy. Done it as a player, done it as a coach, so he knows what it takes. He knows how to do it. He knows how to make the best players even better. This is why I took him.”

Lendl, of course, is an eight-time Grand Slam winner and he also has an excellent CV when it comes to coaching as he was part of Andy Murray’s team when the Brit won his three major titles and two Olympic singles gold medals.

Zverev believes Lendl, along with his father Alexander Zverev Sr., can get the best out of him.

“There’s a lot of tactical work, for sure. There’s a lot of mental work, as well, to kind of show me what it takes to compete for Grand Slams, to win Grand Slams. That for sure he has shown me a little bit.

“The training sessions are tough. The training sessions have always been tough when I work. I’m a pretty hard working guy, so I know what it takes. I’m not somebody who sits on my [behind] when I’m alone. I’m always constantly trying to figure out ways to get better. That hasn’t changed that much. The training sessions are still tough. The training sessions are tough when I’m by myself.”