Alexander Zverev news: Andy Murray describes German’s meltdown and ‘dangerous’ and ‘reckless’

Alexander Zverev reacts

He is “not claiming to be an angel”, but Andy Murray says Alexander Zverev outburst in Acapulco “was not good”, describing it as “dangerous” and “reckless”.

Zverev was kicked out of the Mexican Open on Wednesday after an astonishing blow-up during his doubles match alongside Marcelo Melo with the pair going down against Harri Heliovaara and Lloyd Glasspool.

Unhappy with the call from the chair umpire, the German went on an expletive-laden rant. At the end of the match Zverev went over the umpire’s and smashed his racket against the chair. After briefly walking away, he returned and again hit the chair before delivering another verbal assault on the official.

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He was later withdrawn from the tournament over “unsportsmanlike conduct”. Zverev issued a statement later to apologise for his behaviour, stating: “I am going to take the coming days to reflect on my actions and how I can ensure that it will not happen again”.

Murray was asked for his opinion about the incident and is quoted as saying by Barron’s: “Look, it was not good. It was dangerous, reckless.

“I obviously understand lots of players, athletes across lots of sports, can get very frustrated. Certainly me, myself, I’ve not always acted in the way I would want on the tennis court.

“I’m certainly not claiming to be an angel. I’m not perfect myself. However, when you’re ripping your tennis racket right next to the umpire multiple times, yeah, you can’t be doing that.”