Who are Andrey Rublev’s sponsors?

Andrey Rublev Monte Carlo Masters champion
Andrey Rublev celebrations

Andrey Rublev made waves when he left Nike to don his own clothing brand on court earlier this year but he still has a few heavyweight backers.

Among Rublev’s top sponsors are Head, Bulgari and Penhaligon.

Rublev had formerly been a Nike athlete but traded the Swoosh for the Rublo Angel’s Wings.

While he no longer wears Nike clothing on court he still dons one of the the American brands flagship tennis shoes.

During the 2023 season Rublev has been spotted wearing the Nike Vapor Pro 2 tennis shoe.

Rublev’s rackets are supplied by Head and he currently uses their Pro Stock Head Gravity Pro, the racket is customised to his specifications and does not mirror the retail version.

The Olympic Gold medalist formerly used Wilson rackets in his junior career and start on the ATP Tour.

Of his own brand, Rublo, Rublev said: “Rublo has been created to drive awareness around equality and kindness with the hope of making our world a better place.

“Choose kindness for yourself, others, and our planet.

“We are all people and consist of the same things.

“There is goodness at the core of every person.”

Jewellry makers Bulgari also have an endorsement deal with Rublev alongside his sponsorship arrangement with British perfumers Penhaligon.

He also has an official partnership with training experts 4 Slam Tennis and is the highest-ranked male player listed as training with the group.

Rublev rents an apartment in Monaco but also reportedly owns a house in Moscow where his family live. He reportedly has a net worth of approximately $5 million.

Rublev’s longtime girlfriend Anastasija Homutova is also a tennis professional, part-time coach and model.

Homutova, who is Latvian but grew up in Moscow, met Rublev during a practise at an event in 2016 and the pair reportedly felt an immediate connection.

According to unverified sources Homutova is a nurturing and caring coach and has a good rapport with her young students.

She is said to be a humble person who shuns the limelight, this is evidenced by the fact that not many people know very much about her at all.

Homutova seems to like it that way but she might well be thrust into the limelight should her long-time partner make a big breakthrough on the ATP Tour.

She has often been spotted in Rublev’s players box at events all over the world and is also a regular feature on his Instagram stories.

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