Andy Murray admits tennis return will cause long-term health issues – if he is lucky

Andy Murray agony at Wimbledon

Andy Murray says that his return to tennis means he will need a full hip replacement some time in the future.

The former world number one looked to have admitted defeat at the start of this year and was set for Wimbledon farewell this summer.

However, he instead opted to have hip resurfacing surgery – a procedure that involves coating the hip joint in metal.

Murray enjoyed some success in doubles after returning, but is now focusing purely on his singles career, and he knows the risks involved.

“There is always a risk in sport,” Murray told Express Sport.

“The prosthesis that I have in there they say should last 20 or so years – then I would have a full hip replacement.

“You can’t resurface your hip twice.

“The risk in playing is that it lasts less time than it would otherwise and I would need a hip replacement sooner.

“And with playing sport at a high level, that risk is higher.

“It might mean the operation or the prosthesis won’t last as long. That is why doctors and stuff are cautious.

“For surgeons and doctors, they don’t want to be the person who says, ‘Go back and do this, absolutely you’ll be fine’, then have it break after two years and there needs to be a full hip replacement.”

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