Andy Murray: I had no idea if my surgeon was any good, so I asked her!

Andy Murray

Andy Murray owes his potentially career-saving surgery to the royal family’s surgeon, but even her impressive CV didn’t save her from a grilling from the Scot.

Writing in his BBC Sport column, Murray said that Sarah Muirhead-Allwood was the doctor that Murray chose to entrust both his career and his comfort to.

And, after declaring himself pain-free and ready to return at Queen’s this week, it appears to have been a good decision.

“I knew she had operated on Prince Philip’s hip last year and before that on the Queen Mother but I didn’t know how that would translate to working on an athlete,” Murray said.

“I asked her ‘how do I know you’re good?’ I wasn’t doing it to be rude but, in sport, you can tell how good someone is by their ranking.

“But how I do know a surgeon is good? She just said to me ‘well, you don’t’.

“She was very honest and I admired that. She didn’t promise I would get back to playing.

“I didn’t want to have someone telling me ‘you’ll definitely be back and winning Wimbledon in five months’ because it wouldn’t have been true.”

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