Andy Murray: ‘I know what I have to do to regain my best tennis’

Andy Murray defiant

Andy Murray has identified what he must work on if he is to compete with the best players in the world again.

Murray is coming back after an 18-month battle with a hip injury that is expected to significantly impact the brilliant mobility that was the hallmark of his game when he was at the top.

He was knocked out of the Brisbane International by Daniil Medvedev this week, and he says it has given him an insight about what his future holds – and what he must do to adjust.

“If you’re not serving as well, or if you’re not moving as well, the better players exploit that,” Murray said.

“He [Medvedev] is a top player and is able to do that.

“So I need to try and find a way of working out how to get around some of the things I struggle with a little bit now and I’ll try to do that.”

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