‘I talked to him last week, his hip feels great’ – Andy Murray injury ‘unrelated’ to surgery

Andy Murray thumbs up

The injury keeping Andy Murray out of the Australian Open is NOT related to his hip surgery, says friend Bob Bryan.

Bryan was a pioneer in the resurfacing surgery that Murray underwent last year in a last-ditch bid to save his career, and the pair have remained close since.

Murray returned to singles last year and won a title – the European Open in Antwerp – but concerns have been raise since.

He sat out all but the first match at the Davis Cup in November, and then withdrew from the ATP Cup, Australian Open, Montpellier, and Rotterdam, delaying a comeback until at least March.

However, Bryan has reassured fans of Murray, saying it is a new issue and the hip is performing ‘off the charts’.

“I talked to him last week. He’s got something unrelated to the hip injury,’ said Bryan.

“His hip feels great. All his numbers are off the charts. He tests the speed and the strength.

“He’s right back where he was when he was number one, which is incredible. That’s good to hear.

“But, yeah, he’s got some question marks over this recent injury. He hopes to be back as soon as he can, he’s still working on it.

“It’s a good surgery. It’s come a long way since a lot of our friends got it done 15, 20 years ago.

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“It spelled the end of your career. I think this has given hope to a lot of people.

“If anyone saw the documentary (done on Murray by Amazon Prime), you’ll know how crazy he is with the work. He’s a madman.

“He’s going to put it in. He’s going to do everything he can. I expect to see him playing for many more years, winning.”

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