Annabel Croft: Roger Federer will play for a few more years

Roger Federer celebrates at ATP Finals

Amazon pundit Annabel Croft is confident we will see Roger Federer on the ATP Tour “for a few more years”, provided he still enjoys playing tennis of course.

Despite being in the twilight of his career, Federer continues to challenge at the top as he won his 20th Grand Slam at the Australian Open at the start of the year while he also became the oldest world No 1 at 36 in February.

The 37-year-old, though, did have a poor end to the year as didn’t win any trophies during the second half of the campaign and it once again led to questions about whether or not he will throw in the towel soon.

However, Croft believes he will remain on the circuit for a couple more years.

“To me he is not ready to retire yet,” she told Tennis World USA in an interview. “I think he still absolutely loves playing tennis.

“Three or four years ago, when he had a difficult season and struggled with back issues, I remember him saying ‘You (the press) all want to put me in retirement, Even if I lose matches I still love playing.’ I think until he keeps enjoying it and his wife enjoys the travelling and everything, as he said, he will play for a few more years.

“But one day he will retire and that day will be very sad.”

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