Cameron Norrie switches things up in bid for top ten return

Cameron Norrie pleased

British No 1 Cameron Norrie has brought in Australian Stephen Huss for a fresh coaching perspective during his off-season.

Norrie endured a dreadful slump after a challenging clay swing bled into a disappointing grass campaign at home.

His season didn’t get any better and he would lose 12 of his last 16 matches of the season.

While Norrie was able to add a title to his career total to bring that up to five, he saw his ranking slip and ended the season as the world No 18.

Norrie confirmed that his stint with Huss would take him well into the 2024 season.

“It should be good. I’m doing 10 to 12 weeks with him, more the practice weeks, to help me, to help Facu, and just to keep things fresh and to have a different eye,” Norrie said.

“I don’t know him too well but I’ve heard a lot of good things about him, and I think he’ll be really good for the team in general.”

Norrie wasn’t inclined to panic about his form and his game but hoped for a turnaround in fortunes.

“I started the year winning [lots of] close matches, and that’s kind of how tennis goes,” Norrie said.

“You win or lose close ones all at once, and I think it just becomes automatic. I’ve had a couple of tough losses recently, but I think that’s tennis and that’s just how you can learn from it and respond from it.”

For his whole professional career, the British No 1 has partnered with Argentine Lugones and benefited from the guidance of seasoned Lawn Tennis Association coach James Trotman, who currently works with Jack Draper.

While Norrie collaborated with Devin Bowen, the coach at Texas Christian University, he has now made the decision to choose a permanent coach.

Norrie feels that he has the backing of a good team and will bounce back in 2024.

“Luckily I have a really good team around me to push,” said Norrie.

“For me, I’m really still really enjoying the Tour, enjoying the travel, and going to new places still. It’s definitely been an interesting year [in 2023], but I need to stay patient.”

Norrie believes that one way or another he will get back to putting out his best tennis.

“The big question is to build confidence and I think there are two ways, either on the match court or on the practice court,” said Norrie.

“If you’re working as hard as you can on the practice court, trying to bring as much quality as you can, not really being too tough on yourself in the practice and really trying to stay fresh for the matches, I think that’s one way.

“Then obviously going out in the matches and the tough moments and going out and playing to win. I think a couple of times recently I was playing for the other guy to miss in the bigger moments. That was the difference, especially playing with some of the best guys in the world. The margins are so small, and I think the smallest difference can sometimes be a big difference.”

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