Carlos Alcaraz news: Toni Nadal believes the Spaniard is superior to other Next Gen players

Carlos Alcaraz in action

Carlos Alcaraz has currently been having some time away from court after the amazing season he’s had so far to prepare for the French Open as he eyes his first Grand Slam win, and coach Toni Nadal thinks he is a cut above other Next Gen players.

So far the Spanish youngster has won the Madrid Open, been victorious at the Barcelona Open, won the Miami Open and won the Rio Open.

Even though he wasn’t in action at the Italian Open while he rests from competitive action ahead of Roland Garros, coach Nadal believes Alcaraz is the next best thing in the sport.

“Physically he is a marvel, his determination is enviable and technically he has no shortcomings,” the 61-year-old told El Pais.

“If a few months ago we talked about the power and speed of his forehand, today we have to mention his dizzying improvement in the backhand, in the serve and in the flying shots.

“For years I have worried about the void my nephew would likely leave in our sport when he retired – now I am convinced that this gap will be completely filled.”

Nadal also believes the Madrid Open champion is in a league of his own among the youngsters in the game.

He explained: “Today I don’t see any player of the so-called Next Gen who can overshadow him.

“One lacks mentality, another has problems with pushing, some with backhand, others with tournaments on clay and almost all with continuity and determination.

“No matter how good tennis players are, and some are, I think none of them have the full characteristics that Alcaraz combines.”

Alcaraz is next due to be in action for the French Open and he will undoubtedly be on the hunt for his first Grand Slam title, but he’ll have the likes of Rafael Nadal and Novak Djokovic to contend with.

The French Open gets underway from May 22.