Coach explains the superhuman secret behind Roger Federer’s superhuman longevity

Roger Federer celebrates at Miami Open PA

A genuine burning passion for tennis is the secret behind Roger Federer’s incredible talent and longevity, according to his fitness coach.

The 37-year-old has enjoyed 20 Grand Slam titles in his glittering career, and is still defying nature by going strong at the elite end of the game now.

And that, according to Federer’s fitness coach Pierre Paganini, is no accident.

“When you go seeing a dance, you do not see the physical effort,” Paganini explained in an interview to Tribune de Geneve.

“But behind there is an unbelievable training. With his potential, Roger makes us forget the effort.

“Because we know very well that the talent without an effort is not enough.

“And Roger understood it before turning 20. He has amazing coordination as an athlete.

“It does not mean he does not need to work. In contrary, since it’s a strength, he needs to work more to make a difference. On all the aspects.

“He handled his longevity, he made further improvements to his creativity.

“His physical shape is still there and his mental status is one of an athlete that has just started his career. His secret? Passion. It’s an easy word that many people use.

“Passion is a philosophy of life, every day, that allows him to live tennis while he breaths his life.

“He found a combination of the two things. He is the same person who lives, the same person who plays, the same person who trains. So he never needs to make changes.”

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