Fitness coach explains why Rafael Nadal struggles to finish hardcourt tournaments

Rafael Nadal pensive

Rafael Nadal struggles to finish tournaments strongly on hardcourts because his knees are no longer up to it, suggests one of the game’s most prominent fitness coaches.

Pierre Paganini, who works with Roger Federer, is currently preparing the Swiss master for his return to clay, but has made some interesting observations regarding Nadal.

“Every surface has its pitfalls.” Paganini told Blick.

“On clay, quadriceps and abductors are specifically required, the lower back area on grass and the foot, knee and hip joints on hard surface.

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“That’s tennis. Each body has other vulnerabilities and strengths.

“Rafael Nadal feels better protected on clay, his knees hurt more on hardcourts.

“Certain injuries cannot be avoided, but I think that we can prevent a lot with individually tailored training.”

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