Holger Rune rejects unwanted bad boy label

Holger Rune in the rain

Denmark’s Holger Rune has rejected the label of the new ‘bad boy’ of tennis ahead of the Italian Open in Rome.

Rune was handed a reprimand from the chair umpire during his exit from the Madrid Masters last week.

However, he doesn’t feel that he is any sort of bad boy and simply shows emotion on the court.

“I don’t think so personally,” Rune told Eurosport.

“Many players don’t show emotions. Maybe the ones who show emotion they call them this but I don’t agree. Of course everyone has their own opinion and I respect it.

“When people try to hype up something everyone is getting hyped about it.”

In Madrid umpire Carlos Bernades warned Rune not to antagonise the crowd.

“I’m going to tell you one thing and that’s it for the whole match. I told you once in Monte Carlo, but that was fine,” Bernades said.

“There are crowds that you cannot control if you do things like that. They will be worse if you keep doing it. If you just play tennis, they don’t do anything else.”

Rune says that he is still learning how to react to new experiences on the ATP Tour.

“Sometimes yes, sometimes not [good to show emotion],” Rune said.

“It depends on the emotion. Now I’m 20, I’m still learning and trying to do what’s best for me. Trying a few things here and there.

“At the end of the day it’s the passion for the sport and I really like to compete and do everything I can do to win.”

Rune is often compared to fellow breakout young star Carlos Alcaraz but he insists that he doesn’t need rivals to drive him to be his best.

“I don’t need other players to push me,” Rune continued.

“I push myself every day and focus on myself. Everyone has their own path.

“Alcaraz is extremely fast in everything he’s doing, winning already Grand Slams and so many Masters. It’s different for player to player.”

None other than Novak Djokovic picked Rune to become a member of a new big three.

“The future will show,” Rune responded when asked about the endorsement.

“I’m happy that a player like that can talk so positively about us.

“Obviously he’s part of the ‘Big Three’ right now. Seeking his 23rd Grand Slam and we will try and stop him from doing that. Obviously it’s going to be tough but the future will show.”

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