Holger Rune wowed when compared to legends

Holger Rune during a match

Holger Rune says that he is still stunned when he reads that he is being compared to legends.

Rune stays away from making any comparisons himself as he still feels he has a lot to prove.

He believes that the legends of the game who have come before him have set the bar very high.

“I get a little ‘wow’ when I read that,” Rune told SpilXperten.

“It’s probably a good thing that I don’t make those comparisons myself, but keep myself down to earth. It looks fantastic right there, but I’ve only been on the tour for two years, so I haven’t achieved a fraction of what they have yet. They are good role models. They have set the bar high, and the next generations will probably unconsciously work from that – myself included.”

“When you compare and look isolated at my development step by step, my results seem very natural… That I get a little better all the time and beat better players. I want to keep doing that. I think it’s fun to develop, and I have a lot of things I still want to get better at.”

Rune believes that the key to getting better at the game is finding ways to keep having fun.

“I’m working on getting better all the time. So it’s not by chance or luck that I can do what I can do. I work hard on individual parts of my game, but also a lot on playing the tennis I like. I have a good foundation and I don’t really have any limitations, so I just have to be free and play what I want to play.”

“It sounds simple, but it’s also something you have to practise. To be true to your playing style. You can’t sleep your way to big results, and at the same time you have to have fun, I think. It’s important for me to have fun. When things are going best for me, it’s when I feel calm around me and have fun. I love playing tennis, and that’s probably my biggest drive.”

Holger Rune also opened up on the “secret” behind the good second serve.

“I don’t stress about playing for my points,” Rune added

“I believe in my game, and maybe that’s why I’m doing pretty well behind the second serve. My focus now is to set about 67% first serve. I want to reach that goal this year. I use my head behind my second serve. I have to remember that behind my first serve as well, so I don’t just think about lots of speed and fire off a serve.

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