Holger Rune’s No 1 supporters, his mum and sister

Alma Rune
Alma Rune

Holger Rune considers his tight knit family to be his greatest support structure and he has often celebrated the role of his mum and his sister in backing him and helping him grow.

Rune’s sister put up with his childhood tantrums and desire to always be the winner in their games.

The women is his family have been very visible in their support for Rune with both his mother Anneke and his sister Alma often spotted in his players box.

Both his parents have been very supportive of his tennis career but his mum and sister have both played active roles in his development, his mum as his first coach and his sister as his first great rival.

Aneke has always been understanding of her son’s passion for tennis, which was evident from a young age when he struggle to contain his irritation at his peers lack of commitment.

“He has been like that, always,” Aneke said in a chat with ATPTour.com.

“Also when he practised with other kids, if they were not taking it seriously, he didn’t want to be on court with them. Very, very early. It was crazy, actually.

“It’s very tough to be perfect. And I think what we see today is in some kind of extreme way we seek perfection and expect perfection. What I like with Holger is that he shows, yes, we are working towards being perfect, but there is a lot of struggle also and you’re not born perfect,” Aneke said.

“You’re not born perfect to fit into your sport or your study or your job.

“We all do it differently and there is failing on the way, we improve, we get up there again and we keep fighting.

“I think Holger is a very good example actually showing with his honesty all the way when he struggles, when it’s good times, when it’s bad times. This is how life is.”

Holger Rune’s sister is Alma Rune is a model by trade. Alma is also an influencer of sorts, and as of January 2024, she has 42.6K Instagram followers. She was born in Gentofte, Denmark, to Aneke Rune and Anders Nødskov.

Alma isn’t dating right now and is only really seen out and about supporting her brother. She updates her Instagram followers on her most days by sharing images of her life an activities. Alma is often spotted cheering her brother on from the stands.

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