‘I am much closer to competing with the best’ – Andy Murray gives verdict on comeback progress

Andy Murray angry at Shanghai Masters

Andy Murray says he will draw inspiration from Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer if he ever returns to the top, which he insists he is “much closer” to doing.

Murray has just completed a very successful Asian swing, during which he was genuine competitive against top 20 players for the first time since being struck down by his hip injury two years ago.

He is also scheduled to play at Antwerp as he builds towards his Grand Slam return at the Australian Open in January, and he is already thinking about how to make any potential return to the top sustainable.

“If I do get up there, I’m not going to be focusing on ranking targets,” Murray told The Times.

“You look at what Roger [Federer], Rafa [Nadal] and I guess Novak [Djokovic], to a certain extent, are doing to give themselves a chance to play longer.

“Right now, Rafa could be fighting to finish number one in the world and it’s not a priority for him.

“I would like to be competitive in the big events against the best players.

“I’m not there yet, but I’m closer than I was a month ago, and much closer than a couple of months ago.”

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