I’m pi**ed off: Dominic Thiem rages after shock Italian Open defeat to Fernando Verdasco

Dominic Thiem Chelsea fan

Dominic Thiem has gone on the offensive after claiming the Italian Open’s poor treatment of players contributed to his shock second round defeat.

The Austrian lost to Fernando Verdasco, this morning, and has blamed organisers for it.

“Of course, it’s one of the reasons why I lost today,” he said.

“The other thing is that I arrived late on Sunday (from Madrid).

“I’m quite pissed about it. I was tired, exhausted, today because of all these shitty things.”

Thiem went on to explain exactly what those ‘sh***y things were, saying the Wednesday wash-out was poorly handled.

“I really dislike how we players get treated at this tournament because yesterday was, in my opinion, not acceptable.

“They knew that not one ball of tennis was going to be played, and they hold us here until 7.30pm.”

“They also know since, I don’t know how long, that there’s going to be the football match last night (the Coppa Italia final at the Stadio Olympico).

“The ride back from here to the hotel took like one and a half hours.

“If everybody knows that it’s going to rain all day, then let the players leave at 2pm or 3pm when there’s no traffic, when there are no guys beating each other up on the street.

“It’s no problem if it’s raining. It’s also no problem if we have two or three matches a day.

“It happens from time to time. But then the tournament should also help us a little bit.

“I mean, I was having dinner. I couldn’t even have treatment, otherwise I wouldn’t get enough sleep. Then they schedule me at 10am today. I don’t think that’s acceptable.”

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