Jannik Sinner has identified the most important thing about being a sporting idol

Jannik Sinner celebrates

Jannik Sinner has confessed that he hasn’t quite taken in his new status as a Grand Slam winner and Italian sporting hero.

Sinner returns to ATP Tour action this week in Rotterdam having spent some time celebrating his Australian Open triumph.

He is grateful to have the team backing him that he does.

“I feel like, you know, to share the emotions with obviously my family and also with my team, all the people who brought me to this point, who supported me,” Sinner said in a Sky Sports interview.

“So it was, I think, the most special feeling I’ve ever had until now.
And obviously, you know, sharing this with all these great people, it has been really nice.

He isn’t sure how it will feel to be announced as a Grand Slam winner.

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Sinner said of being introduced as a Grand Slam champion: “That’s going to be a special moment to hear those words. Yeah, for sure.”

Sinner is eager to get back into action and make the most of what he hopes will be a great season.

“I mean, it is special for me knowing where I’m from and how much work we’ve put in,” Sinner said.

“But in the other way, here is a new tournament. It’s a new chance to try to play some good tennis. And I’m looking forward to this.

“I feel like that every season I played had its own story.

“But I think the moral of the story has always been that I’m getting closer.

“Last year, I was much more ready.

“I made a lot of semi-finals and then also some finals.

“And, you know, so I felt ready for this.

“There are still some little details what I can make better.

“I feel lucky to be in this situation.”

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Sinner is now adjusting to life as a national sporting hero in Italy as well.

“Yeah, it has been a little bit crazy,” he said of his newfound status.

“I met maybe the most important people in Italy, which is really, really nice. It’s a big honour.

“And obviously, you can feel the love from the fans.

“And I feel like the whole of Italy was watching.”

Sinner added that he wants to be someone who is worth emulating as a figure that young people in Italy and elsewhere will look up to.

“Even me, when I was maybe a kid, sometimes I went to people, you know, idols, where he asked for a picture or something,” he says of being someone people look up to.

“So I tried to realise this. And obviously, it’s great to be a good tennis player, but it’s even more important to be a great person.”

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