‘Lots of cake and no training’ – Andy Murray opens up on life with a newborn baby

Andy Murray and Kim Murray

Andy Murray admits that his growing family will affect his scheduling plans, with off-season long-haul training camps now looking like a thing of the past.

Murray and wife Kim recently added their first child, and first son, to the family and, as you’d expect, it is something that will affect decisions moving forward.

“It’s something that you’re going to have to factor in when looking in for scheduling and planning,” the three-time grand slam champion said.

“But also my off-season – how much time to spend away from home there too. It’s definitely something that I’m a lot more aware of and which I’ll be factoring in to any decisions.

“I think short haul definitely in and around Europe occasionally they could come and watch but also my daughter’s at school now and she’s really happy there.

“I don’t think it’s fair to start pulling her around everywhere when she’s happy and settled. It’ll come from time to time in Europe.”

Murray has also received a taste of what life could look like after tennis for him, and he worries he may actually like it too much!

“I didn’t do anything for 12 days, literally nothing,” Murray, who has launched the AMC clothing range with sportswear brand Castore, said.

“I got up to my heaviest weight in my career probably. My elbow was pretty sore afterwards so I needed to take a break because of that.

“The baby came five or six days after we got back from Antwerp.

“It was evenings that were the issue. When the newborn has been going to bed at seven sleeping for a three-hour period my wife would sleep upstairs and get a period of good sleep in before the baby would wake up.

“I’d be on my own downstairs with chocolate biscuits and stuff. There was Halloween and second daughter’s birthday party, then also my sister-in-law had a birthday so there was lots of cake and junk and no training is not a good combination. I was 88.5 kilos and I’m usually 84.”

Being overweight, Murray could not avoid his mind drifting to two-time coach Ivan Lendl and the Scot found it even harder to resist a jibe at the Czech’s current body shape.

“He’ll probably kill me for saying this but I always said I don’t want to end up with what happened to Ivan,” Murray joked. “I know if you put that in your papers I’ll get a message from him tomorrow.

“When he was playing he was in great shape and very thin. And when he stopped things went south so I need to avoid that.”

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