Next Gen players not special enough to challenge, says Rafael Nadal

Rafael Nadal looks on

Rafael Nadal says the “Next Gen” players may just not be good enough to challenge him at the op of the game.

The ATP Tour has been dominated by Nadal, Novak Djokovic, and Roger Federer for over a decade now, with only Andy Murray able to really break their stranglehold on the sport.

They have been heralded as a special generation, but Nadal says maybe the up-and-coming players actually just aren’t special enough.

“There are two options to explain the fact that three players are dominating the [tennis] circuit for so many years, and that we are in the top positions in the ranking for so many years,” he said.

“Either we have been special, or the emerging players have not been special enough.

“I cannot say which is correct.

“A generation with special players [is coming], either because they will be better than us in a short time, or because of our age.”