Nick Kyrgios news: Aussie claims he was racially abused during Stuttgart Open tie against Andy Murray

Nick Kyrgios loses his cool

Nick Kyrgios suffered a defeat to Andy Murray in the semi-final of the Stuttgart Open but in true Kyrgios fashion it wasn’t a controversial free match.

The Aussie was penalised and point and then a game for smashing a racquet early in the second set, and then having a heated exchange with a section of the crowd.

It seems like his mind wasn’t in the game and Murray took the win to book his place in the final, where he will play Matteo Berrettini, winning 7-6, (7/5), 6-2.

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“Yes, I’m human, I don’t deal with my emotions well all the time. I stopped caring about what people thought and their opinion on what I should be. But one thing I won’t ever tolerate is spectators heckling and blasting abuse to athletes,” Kyrgios wrote on Instagram.

“It’s been happening personally for a while, from racist comments to complete disrespect. For years it’s been something I’ve brushed off but especially in Indian Wells and today all the way in Stuttgart, it’s made me realise that people seem to think it’s normal.

“We are playing FOR YOU, whether you are backing the opponent or not, you may not think it’s a big deal, but it could affect someone’s life more than you think. My young athletes, coloured or not, I hope that this message is heard so you don’t ever have to feel alienated or embarrassed to be you and perform on the world stage.”

The British three time Grand Slam champion had his say on the commotion during the match, but admitted he didn’t know exactly what was happening.

“You expect things to happen against him, so I’m not surprised when they do,” Murray said.

“It was a very frustrating set for him to lose and he broke a racquet. He also had a back and forth with the umpire and something seemed to happen in the crowd.

“But I didn’t really hear anything after the first set.”

The 35-year-old did reveal that it wasn’t a very competitive match as a result of the incidents during it.

“The second set was not much fun to play, it was not very competitive,” he said.

“It wasn’t really a match, he started well but closer to the end he got frustrated.

“The first set was tough and the end of the first set was the crucial part of the match.

Murray takes on Berrettini later on today in the final of the Stuttgart Open.