Nick Kyrgios: ‘Umpires seem to make these mistakes too often,’ says Aussie after another run-in with an official

Nick Kyrgios in action

Another match, another argument between Nick Kyrgios and a chair umpire over a contentious call and the Australian admits he is unimpressed with officials.

Kyrgios copped fines after the Indian Wells Open and Miami Open for unsportsmanlike conduct after he had run-ins with the umpires and his antics in Florida particularly unsavoury as he also doubled down on his criticism of Carlos Bernardes as he felt the official was “the centre of attention”.

Not long after the match the ATP announced that it could dish out stricter punishment to repeat offenders.

Alexander Zverev, Nick Kyrgios and other ATP bad boys warned over their ‘aggressive’ behaviour

Alexander Zverev, Nick Kyrgios and other ATP bad boys warned over their ‘aggressive’ behaviour

Kyrgios, though, was at it again at the US Men’s Clay Court Championship in Houston as he was lashed out at chair umpire Joshua Brace over a call during his semi-final defeat at the hands of Reilly Opelka.

With the score 5-5 (30-3) in the second set, Brace didn’t call an Opelka return long and Kyrgios asked: “What do you mean, you don’t know from there? Where are you supposed to see it from? It was out, bro!

“He wins that point when the ball was out. What are you guys actually doing out here?”

Brace then replied: “If it was out, then I did miss it. ”

And Kyrgios answered: “Well, congratulations.”

After losing the next point, the Australian shouted “f***!” and was docked a point and lost the game.

“It was f***ing out of bounds on clay, how are you not calling it?” he screamed.

“It’s up to you guys to make that call. I can’t stop mid-point!”

Brace then admitted his mistake and said: “I believe you now, I made a mistake.”

Kyrgios replied: “Do you think it was a costly mistake?”

Naturally Kyrgios took to social media after the match to vent his frustration.

“Haha again… falls all on me. Umpires seem to make these mistakes a little too often,” he wrote.

“A lot of players seemed dissatisfied with the performance of them this week in Houston. More punishment? Potentially new umpires? Semi final, ‘I missed it nick’ on clay 5-5 in the second set 😂”