Revealed: How Novak Djokovic rediscovered brilliant best in 2018

Michael Graham
Novak Djokovic performing

Gebhard Gritsch, Novak Djokovic’s fitness trainer, has revealed how the Serb recovered from wretched form to dominate tennis once again.

Djokovic struggled badly at the start of the season as he fought his way back from an elbow injury.

He finished the year as world number one and with two Grand Slam titles, but that looked a very distant possibility mid-season.

“In May, none of us in the team had thought this [end of year] was possible.” Gritsch said during an interview with Kurier.

“He was really in trouble. There was a lot missing in the fitness area, as he was not really trained tennis specific.

But above all, he also had mental problems because he did not know where he actually is.

“We worked extremely hard, on everything.

“But above all, he has found the focus again.

“Novak knew he needed to invest more – and he did.

“He lived again for the principle of tennis.

“He knew that if he wanted to break records, he would have to do it soon.”

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