WATCH: Novak Djokovic as you have never seen him before in new ATP comedy sketch

Novak Djokovic takes centre stage in a new ATP Tour comedy sketch

Some of the biggest names in men’s tennis have confirmed they are willing to show their humorous side after taking part in a new comedy film made by the ATP Tour.

Novak Djokovic, Carlos Alcaraz and Andy Murray are on the ‘cast list’ as the ATP Tour has served up a fly-on-the-wall reality TV show that they hope will go viral on their social media channel.

This production has echoes of Ricky Gervais’ iconic mockumentary ‘The Office’, which gave viewers a look behind the doors of a paper factory in Slough and became a global TV hit.

It remains to be seen whether the ATP version has a similar impact, but he certainly packs a punch when it comes to star names.

The premise behind the show is based on the theory that everything we witness on the ATP Tour is scripted.

‘The Tour: A Reality Show presents a version of tennis that claims the players on court are, in fact, actors following a pre-written script and the drama that is played out is all choreographed by directors at the side of the court.

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Djokovic got into the spirit of the production as he recreated his famous shirt-ripping celebration after he beat Carlos Alcaraz in last season’s epic Cincinnati Masters final and he also gave these comments to add to the film’s authenticity.

The film presented Djokovic as actor Bert Critchley, with the 24-time Grand Slam champion playing along with the fun as he gave these comments in his guise as Bert.

“I’ve been part of this show for 16, 17 years, or ATP seasons, as we call them,” Djokovic/Critchley said.

“Something that I’m really trying to evoke with this Novak character is not just the performance and the achievements, but a bit more of an essence. A bit more of a personality.

“I try to have people relate to him. I want to bring truth to Novak. What is he thinking? What is he feeling? What would motivate him if he was a real person? It’s not easy but it works.”

Murray appeared to lap up the script he was following, as he suggested his real profession was an actor and his name is Fraser McKnight.

“We usually get our storylines at the start of the year and we just try to make everything look natural,” ‘McKnight’ said.

“Let’s face it, people are stupid, so they’ll buy anything.

“We just try to make everything look real,” Murray/McKnight said. “And the viewers seem to love it.”

There were some funny moments in the production that were clearly designed to reach out to a more youthful audience.

The initial reaction on the YouTube comments to the video suggested tennis fans like this unexpected offering from the ATP Tour.

One comment suggested this show was more entertaining than Netflix’s Break Point series, while others congratulated the big names who took part for their acting skills.

Some may find the film a little cringy at times, yet the star names involved embraced the task handed to them as they become actors for a few days.

You can cast your own verdict on the show by watching it below: