Novak Djokovic is simply relentless in his pursuit of excellence

Novak Djokovic during a match

Novak Djokovic has an almost obsessive dedication to being as good as he possibly can be on the tennis court.

Djokovic says that he is always trying to improve his game, something which has brought his great success.

He is grateful that he is able to play at a very high level after so many years at the top.

“I think in the core of my motivation, it’s just a mentality of wanting always to be better than I was yesterday. So on a daily basis or kind of a short-term goal is to always try to improve every aspect of the game ’cause I always believe that there is something to work on.

“I think keeping that kind of a mindset also drives me and drives my team members to really take every tournament as a new challenge, biggest challenge we have in this moment. I feel like that kind of attitude got me to where I am in terms of achievements in my career.

“Of course, I’m grateful I’m still able to play on a high level at this age. Professionally I have goals. I have ambitions. It’s always the highest kind of goals. I’ve been fortunate to achieve pretty much every achievement that you can have as a professional tennis player. I think that kind of experience allows me to believe that I can always do it again and again.

“I still feel physically very good. Mentally I’m there, I’m present. As I said, I really love the game, I love the competition, I love to be challenged on the court by anybody.

“So there’s still that fire, flame burning.”

Djokovic is set to make his return to the ATP Tour this week in Monte Carlo and he is raring to go after another enforced absence.

It is telling that Djokovic considers his record in Monte Carlo as disappointing despite the fact that he has won the title there twice.

“I have not had much success in Monte-Carlo in the past two seasons,” Djokovic said.

“I haven’t played great tennis here, so I am hoping this year I can start the clay season better than in previous years and build my form.

“It is a club I know very well. Quite a few top players reside in Monaco and use this club as a training base. The club transforms incredibly during the weeks of the tournament, but it is a great feeling to sleep in your own bed,” Djokovic said. “Being able to have a home feeling of playing in the tournament.

“The atmosphere is amazing, with the club being so intimate and small. It is noisy and great. People are so excited to watch tennis and this is the tournament that has been successful throughout the history of our sport.”

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