Novak Djokovic makes light of Nick Kyrgios’ ‘entertaining’ ATP Cup appearance

Novak Djokovic playing to the crowd

Novak Djokovic has played down Nick Kyrgios’ decision to attend Serbia’s ATP Cup clash against France, saying “it’s entertaining” to have well-known players at matches.

Kyrgios has made no secret of the fact that he is not a fan of Djokovic and he called the 16-time Grand Slam champion “cringeworthy” during the No Challenges Remaining podcast earlier this year, adding that the Serb has a “sick obsession with wanting to be liked”.

The Australian has taken other pot shots, but Djokovic has refused to take any bait.

And Kyrgios again made headlines this week as he and friends were spotted in the crowd during the Serbia-France clash, clearly rooting for Gael Monfils.

After the match, Serbia fans hit out at the 24-year-old as they perceived it as trolling, but Kyrgios insisted on Twitter that it was just a “bunch of lads having fun”.

World No 2 Djokovic was asked if Kyrgios’ appearance disappointed him and he replied: “To be honest, not really.

“I didn’t see him in the stands but then I saw the videos after that [on social media].

“I know he’s a good buddy of [France’s Gael] Monfils and with the French team, so, you know, it’s fine.

“I think it’s entertaining to have him or to have any other player coming out, to have a well-known player coming out to see other teams and other matches.

“I think it attracts a lot of attention and I think brings excitement to the people in the stands, but also the viewers.”

He added: “And Kyrgios knows how to have fun and how to attract attention, that’s for sure.”

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