Novak Djokovic: Media to blame for Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal feuds

Rafael Nadal and Novak Djokovic - Roger Federer makes his choice

Novak Djokovic has denied there is a rift between himself and a united Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal front over the handling of Chris Kermode’s removal as ATP chairman.

Kermode will leave his position at the end of 2019 after a vote by the ATP board, which included influence from the player’s council, which is chaired by Djokovic.

Both Nadal and Federer, who supported Kermode, were unhappy at not being consulted before the decision was made, but Djokovic has attempted to diffuse any growing tension.

“I saw Roger today, we were in the opening ceremony cutting the ribbon on centre court,” Djokovic said at the Miami Open.

“We had a small chat there was no time to talk about the political stuff.

“That is hopefully something we will have time in the next few days to go through.

“It’s not necessary for you guys to create any tensions between us. In contrary I have a very good relations with both of them.”

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