Novak Djokovic is the perfect role model

Novak Djokovic in action

Serbian ATP Tour prospect Hamad Medjedovic says that simply being in the presence of Novak Djokovic provides young players with a role model for the game.

Medjedovic counts himself lucky to have been afforded many chances to be around Djokovic, whether in a tennis setting or away from the court.

He notes that players can learn from Djokovic in everything he does.

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Djokovic is a model of self-discipline and dedication to your craft and a great example to any young athlete in that regard.

“It’s amazing how much you can learn from Novak just by spending time with him,” Hamad Medjedovic told Eurosport.

“He goes out of his way on and off the court to improve every day, is incredibly disciplined and lives for tennis.

He constantly thinks about that which is better for his career. It helps me a lot and emphasizes the need to work on my mind and enjoy the process, without focusing so much on results-related goals.”

Djokovic is 12-0 this season in matches on the ATP Tour securing the Adelaide 1 title ahead of his historic tenth Australian Open championship.

He suffered a hamstring tear early in the season playing through the injury to win the year’s first major in an impressive feat of both endurance and skill.

Having missed two Grand Slams last year Djokovic was motivated to make an excellent start to the season.

Djokovic’s camp have confirmed that an application has been made to officials in the United States for an exemption to the vaccination mandate over travelers flying into the US.

The world no 1 is hopeful of competing in the Sunshine Double in the United States.

Indian Wells gets underway on 6 March, running for a fortnight and is followed by the Miami Open.

The points on offer there could be influential in both the immediate battle for the top ranking spot and the race to Turin.

At this stage there has been no update on Djokovic’s application to be allowed to enter the United States although there have been suggestions that the vaccine requirement could be dropped in March.

Djokovic has publicly stated that his decision not to receive the vaccine is one that he personally took in conjunction with his medical team and distanced himself from the so-called ‘anti-vax’ movement.

Tournament directors are understandably eager to have Djokovic at their events and have made their own please time and again.

Time will tell if Djokovic will make his return to the United States in March.

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