Novak Djokovic reveals which shot is responsible for his regained dominance

Novak Djokovic annimated

Novak Djokovic says that the biggest difference in his game this year has been an improved serve.

Djokovic has had a sensational return to the top in the second half of 2018, with rivals commenting on how much more formidable his serve has been compared to before his elbow injury.

And, speaking after the ATP Finals, he admits it’s something he has worked hard on improving.

“I feel like I always can improve in that shot,’ Djokovic admitted.

“Obviously, glad that my opponents feel like I’m improving in my serve, because it is ultimately the most important shot in the game.

“I thought I was also backing up the serve with the first shot in the rally very well.

“That allowed me to kind of protect my service games, win them all so far in the tournament.

“As I said, it’s the ongoing work. There are days when you feel more comfortable, sometimes less comfortable.

“It’s the case with all the shots.

“Even though it appears that everything is working, if it works, that you just need to maintain it, but sometimes it’s really just things vary and you have to deal with these particular situations.”

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