Footage emerges of Novak Djokovic’s early tennis lesson

Novak Djokovic in front of a mike

Novak Djokovic confirmed his status as the best player in the world with his win at the ATP Final on Sunday and now footage has emerged of some of his earliest steps on a tennis court.

Djokovic won a record-equalling sixth ATP Finals title as he beat Casper Ruud in impressive fashion in Turin, as he joined Roger Federer as the most successful player in the end-of-season tournament.

Now footage has emerged of Djokovic’s first steps on court, with his ‘Nole’ nickname being used as he was put through his paces.

The Telegraf ran the footage that instantly attracted big interest on social media, with the early talent evident for all to see.

There are big similarities with the Djokovic footage and the images of Novak’s eight-year-old son Stefan playing tennis alongside his father at last week’s ATP Finals.

It is remarkable footage of a champion in the making and even after he has achieved so much in his career, it is clear that he still has a burning desire to continue winning heading into 2023.

“He’s practising even harder than when he was 22,” said Djokovic’s coach Goran Ivanisevic in an interview with the ATP.

“That’s why he’s still so good and that’s why he’s still going to be even better

“The will to practise, the will to improve, the will to be better is amazing. He’s taking care of his body.

“In my time we stopped tennis (aged) 30, 31. You were already an old guy ready to leave, but now it is unbelievable.”

Ivanisevic has been credited with improving Djokovic’s serve since he started working with him and the 1992 Wimbledon champion suggests that facet of his game is not among his most potent.

“His serve was very underestimated shot all through his career,” he added.

“If you look so many matches, five, 10 years ago, his serve always saved him somehow, but now he’s even better. Now he always wants to improve.

“Especially this week, amazing percentage, amazing precision of the serve. Every time he needed, he hit [an] unbelievable first serve. His second serve is much better.

“His serve is one of the best shots which people, they don’t talk about because they have so many other things.

“They forget to talk about his serve. He has one of the best serves. Especially when it’s tight, it’s tough, especially this week he was hitting unbelievable serve under pressure.”

Djokovic was pleased with his performance in Turin and said the long wait for his sixth title made him appreciate the victory more.

“It’s finals, usually these kind of matches are decided by very small margins and one break of serve was enough in both sets,” Djokovic reflected.

“I knew Casper was playing really well coming into this match. I think we both served very well. I think in some decisive moments, like the 12th game of the first set, I just managed to put a few returns back in play, (to) make him run and make him play.

“I was really pleased with the way I was playing from the back of the court, particularly the forehand was looking to be really aggressive and it worked great, I am really pleased with the performance.”

“A lot of nerves, particularly in that 30-all point, that was the longest rally of the match.

“As I said, you’ve got to stay focused the entire match, every single point. Momentum can shift to the other side very quickly.

“Seven years, it’s been a long time, but at the same time this – the fact that I waited seven years – makes this victory even sweeter and even bigger.”

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