Q&A with Andy Murray on playing on clay this year, when tennis might return, fatherhood and more

Andy Murray making an entrance

In an exclusive interview with CNN’s Christina Macfarlane, Andy Murray shared his view on when he expects top-level tennis to return.

Speaking as part of CNN Sport’s Time Out series, Murray explains why he believes tennis will be “one of the last sports to get back to normality”.

Murray also touches on the financial implications of the coronavirus pandemic for fellow players, stating that although the “top 60-70 in the world will be fine”, he believes the distribution of funds from tennis federations needs to be looked at.

Andy Murray Davis Cup press conference

After several injury-hit years, Murray also reveals how he’s been staying in shape whilst at home and the benefits of catching up on experiences he missed out on when travelling.

Murray on returning to the court:
“I would definitely play on the clay if it goes ahead. I’m a bit sceptical whether it will. I would imagine tennis would be one of the last sports to get back to normality because you’ve obviously got players and coaches and teams coming from all over the world into one area. I would be surprised if they were back playing sport by September-time.”

Murray on why tennis will be one of the last sports to return:
“You have to feel like the whole world working normally again and travelling normally before tennis would go back to especially the major competitions… If you took the French Open, let’s say things in Europe have improved, but there are certain countries that might still have issues… Then have a tournament basically where people or players from a certain continent or countries are not allowed to come in to compete. I think the tournament loses.”

Murray on the financial implications of coronavirus:
“Players ranked 250-300 in the world; it’s going to be really, really challenging for them. And I think in the last few years, there has been some improvements and some changes, but probably not enough. Sometimes you see the prize money check for the winner of the grand slams. And it’s like, I don’t know what it is exactly, but something like $4 million. And could that money be used better and spent elsewhere in the earlier rounds or the qualifying draws or maybe use to grow some of the smaller events?”

Andy Murray looking up

Murray on fatherhood away from the tour:
“When you’re traveling, you often miss (events) like the first time that maybe your kids walk for the first time, that they crawl and things like that. We got some bikes for our kids and they basically cycled for the first time on their own. They’ve done a little bit of swimming without holding on to their Mum or their Dad for the first time and things like that which, they might seem like small things, but to a parent, they aren’t.”

Murray on the 100 Volley Challenge on social media:
“I was just thinking of something that might be fun for people to try with their friends or family. Thankfully a lot of the tennis players have given it a go and tried it, which was nice. I’ve been getting videos sent in from people trying it in China and South America and all over the world.”

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