Rafael Nadal says he’s in better shape than last year despite recent surgery

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Rafael Nadal says he is extremely happy with his preparations for the new season, insisting they have been stronger than a year ago despite recent ankle surgery.

The world number two struggled with injury throughout the season, ending it early in November ahead of the ATP Tour finals.

He believes that decision has proven to be entirely vindicated, though.

“I am making a lot of steps forward since the surgery on the foot,” Nadal told CNN.

“I started practising tennis one week earlier [than planned], and in higher intensity than we had thought.

“It was a little bit of risk that we don’t make it into the beginning of the season, but here we are, practising more or less hard and we are excited to start the new season.

“Being honest, we are having a better off-season than last year.

“Last year, I finished the year very bad with my knees.

“I didn’t arrive very well prepared to the beginning.”

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