Rafael Nadal: I’m going to keep playing until my body resists

Rafael Nadal admits he is surprised that he is still winning Grand Slams at the age of 32, but says he is still enjoying it and will continue to play until his body tells him otherwise.

The Spaniard won his 17th major on Sunday when he beat Dominic Thiem to secure his 11th Roland Garros trophy.

Nadal has now won three of the six Grand Slams since the start of 2017 with Roger Federer winning the other three. However, it wasn’t that long ago when many wondered if he would win more titles after he struggled with injury.

“For me if you tell me seven, eight years ago that I will be here, 32-years-old having this trophy with me again, I will tell you that is something almost impossible, but here we are,” he said.

“I am enjoying the moment. I have a lot of other things that makes me happy, and so I am not much worried about the future, no? I gonna keep playing until my body resists, and my happiness still high playing tennis. When that changes, it will be time to do another thing.”

Naturally there are always comparisons between Nadal and Federer and the Swiss player is leading the way in terms of overall Grand Slams as he has 20 to his names.

When asked if he believes he could beat Federer’s tally, the 32-year-old replied: “Let me enjoy this title. I can’t be always thinking of more. Of course, I have ambition. I have passion for what I am doing. You can’t be frustrated always if somebody have more money than you, if somebody have a bigger house than you, if somebody have more Grand Slams than you. You can’t live with that feeling. You have to do your way.

“I am very satisfied, and I feel very lucky with all the things that happened it me. Of course I would love to have 20 like Roger in the future or even more, but being honest, it is not on my mind. What is in my mind now is I won a very important title for me. I add one more Grand Slam. Seventeen is an amazing number. I’m just going to keep fighting and that’s it.”