Facing Rafael Nadal likened to attempting to conquer Everest by top coach

Rafael Nadal celebrates

Facing Rafael Nadal in the final of the French Open was like trying to conquer mount Everest, says the coach of beaten finalist Dominic Thiem.

The Austrian, widely regarded as the second strongest clay-court player in the world, came up against Nadal in the 2018 final at Roland Garros – and lost in straight sets.

Thiem’s coach,¬†Gunter Bresnik, says that the enormity of the task should not be underestimated.

“For Dominic, the loss in Paris final felt like a climber from 200 meters under Everest top,”he told tennis.net.

“You may have to wait for two or three years for your next chance and it may not be back anymore.

These are the thoughts that go through your head as a player. And it bothers a lot a fighter like Dominic.”

The length of the season has been a hot topic within the game, with some top players claiming it lasts too long to expect consistency from the biggest names who play the most tournaments.

Thiem’s form did dip as the season progressed, but Bresnik has dismissed any notion that fatigue took hold.

“How much does a normal person work? How much does he rest? Three weeks? Four? Tennis players usually have one or two months.

“And they start complaining in August about how long the season is. I think complaining for the long season is silly, a fashion.”

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