Rafael Nadal v Novak Djokovic: The permutations in the battle for the year-end No 1 ranking

Novak Djokovic and Rafael Nadal shaking on it

Rafael Nadal is the man in the saddle when it comes to the ATP Tour’s year-end No 1 ranking, but it will be a tight fight with Novak Djokovic in terms of who finishes the 2019 season at the top.

Spaniard Nadal reclaimed the world No 1 ranking this week, bumping Djokovic down a spot after the Serb had led the way since November 5 last year.

Djokovic, though, cut the lead to the top to 640 points by winning the Paris Masters with only one tournament still to go, but but the season-ending ATP Finals points distribution is a little more complicated.

You get 200 points for winning a round-robin match (each player plays three round-robin matches), 400 points for a semi-final win and 500 points for winning the tournament.

If you go through the tournament undefeated then you could pick up 1,500 points.

Here are some scenarios:

* If Nadal wins all three round-robin matches (600 points) and finishes as runner-up (400 for semi-final win) to Djokovic, then the Spaniard will keep the No 1 ranking as his points tally will increase by 1,000 plus the 640 lead he currently has while Djokovic will only add 1,500 to his total.

* If Nadal wins two matches in the round-robin phase (400) and exits at the group stage, then the only way Djokovic can reclaim the No 1 spot is if he wins two round-robin matches and the title (400 + 400 + 500).

* Similarly if Nadal ends the tournament as runner-up (400 for semi-final win) after scraping into the semi-finals with only one round-robin win (200), Djokovic will need to win the tournament having won two round-robin matches. Of course, this scenario is a little trickier as they are likely to end up meeting in the semi-finals.

* If Nadal fails to win a single match in the round-robin phase, then Djokovic can secure the No 1 ranking by winning two matches in Group Bjorn Borg (400) and simply reaching the final (400 for semi-final win).

* If Nadal wins the tournament undefeated then he will stay top, just in case you were wondering.

* If Djokovic wins the tournament undefeated then the only way Nadal can stop him from going top is by reaching the final.

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