Roberto Bautista Agut ropes in dual coach team to replace Pepe Vendrell

Roberto Bautista Agut

Roberto Bautista Agut says that not working with Pepe Vendrell for the first time in 11 years will take some getting used to, but he remains confident of continued progress with his new team.

Bautista Agut has appointed Daniel Gimeno-Traver and Tomas Carbonell as rotating coaches.

The 33-year-old Spaniard believes that the job of coaching a top professional is too great a task for just one person.

“I believe in a dual team. It’s a very demanding sport for just one coach and I think splitting the weeks is the best way,” Bautista Agut said in an interview with

Bautista Agut was already well acquainted Gimeno-Traver having played with and against him down the years.

“Dani has started out very keen and excited. I have approached it with the same attitude and I feel very happy. Dani is great, a very good guy.

“We already had a good relationship off the court. Now I guess the relationship will be even stronger.

“We’ve met up quite a lot, we’ve even played each other in the odd match,” Bautista Agut recalled.

“We’ve played doubles tournaments together.

“Dani is a player who has had a very long career.

“He’s someone who has a lot of experience after being a good player.

When Spain are in action in the 2022 ATP Cup

“He has a different background to Pepe, who has been fantastic and fundamental for my career.

“Dani will tell me new things, he’ll help both technically and tactically. They are both quite different.

“Also, I’m also going to be with Tomas this year. I’ve worked with him before, we know each other and it will be important to get his advice.”

Bautista Agut asserted that he still has the fire and passion to compete on the ATP Tour as he enters his 17th year as a professional.

“You have to keep the flame burning. Personally I think you have to nurture your passion, take care of it,” Bautista Agut added.

“After what happened at the Davis Cup I had three days of holiday, then I started to work straight away. I’m not short on desire! I’m looking forward to having a good year next year and to continuing to compete at the top.”

Bautista Agut will compete in the ATP Cup in Sydney and the Australian Open to kick off his 2022 season.