Roger Federer blasts Alexander Zverev over complaints the tennis season is too long

Roger Federer talks to Alexander Zverev

Roger Federer has blasted Alexander Zverev over his complaints that the tennis season is too long.

Zverev made the claims following his defeat to Novak Djokovic at the ATP Finals, saying: “The issue is that our season is way too long.

“That’s the issue. But I’ve said it before. We play for 11 months a year. That’s ridiculous. No other professional sport does that.

“I haven’t felt my best in, like, two months, to be honest.”

However, echoing our own Michael Graham’s views, Federer has dismissed Zverev’s complaints, insisting it is his own responsibility to mange his own schedule if he can’t cope with his current workload.

“You can get rid of 20 tournaments. I don’t know who wants that,” Federer said.

“Not those 20 tournaments. Not the 200 or 1000 players on tour. That’s one option.

“The other option is as a team, player and team, to decide which are your priorities and how much can a body take, how much can a mind take, how much travel can someone endure.

“The good thing is we as players are not employed by a club. I can walk right now out of the door and go onto vacation if I want to.

“Nobody is going to stop me. They won’t like it, but I can.

“That’s a massive privilege, I believe, that a tennis player has.”

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