Roger Federer names ‘great talent’ he expects to be a dominant future world number one

Roger Federer interview

Alexander Zverev will be a dominant world number one in the future, says Roger Federer.

Zverev, the current world number three, is best placed of the NextGen players to finally topple Rafael Nadal and Federer at the top of the ATP Tour rankings.

And, while he admits it’s never going to be easy to climb to the top of the rankings, Federer says he fully expects the German to do it sooner rather than later – at stay there.

“I hope he can do it, you know’, the Swiss said.

“Clearly he has a big game and nice technique and good attitude and all that. I think every day that goes by he’s going to learn more and only going to become more stronger.

“It’s normal. He will only get better from here. Once he’s past 40 years old, he will start going down again maybe.

“Number one is always a big ask. A lot of things need to align for that: consistency, fitness, mental.

“So you make it sound like you just become world number one, like, at will.

“If you look at who’s been number one, there is not really that many players. I hope he can do it. I think he’s a great talent.”