Roger Federer accused of ‘using his position’ and changing ATP Rankings system to ‘protect himself’

Roger Federer in action

German Tennis Federation Vice-President Dirk Hordorff has hit out at Roger Federer being “irresponsible” and using his position on the ATP Player Council to change the ATP Rankings system to “protect himself”.

Following the suspension of all tennis for five months due to the coronavirus pandemic, the ATP opted to freeze the rankings until the Tour resumed in August.

Additionally they announced that instead of the usual 12-month rolling period that takes into account a player’s “Best 18” results, it would cover a period of 22 months.

ATP Rankings system revised amid Covid-19 with ‘Best 18’ now covering a 22-month period

Hordorff claims it was all Federer’s doing as the 20-time Grand Slam winner, who only played one tournament this year, managed to hang onto fifth place in the ATP Rankings under the revised system.

“Roger Federer simply changed the ranking method to protect himself. It is irresponsible and quite simply incorrect,” he told’s “Quiet, please” podcast.

“In my opinion, he takes advantage of his position on the Players’ Council. It must nevertheless be said that without the change in ranking system, Roger Federer would not be in the top 50.”

According to calculations done by @JeuSetMaths, Federer would be No 29 on the ATP Rankings under the original system.

Hordorff added: “That the ATP Finals, which is the 19th tournament of the year anyway, will stay there for two years? That’s perverse.”

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