Stan Wawrinka insists retirement call is his to make as he chases one more title

Stan Wawrinka emotional
Stan Wawrinka after a match

Three-time Grand Slam champion Stan Wawrinka says that he understands why people question his decision to still be out on the ATP Tour at 39 years old but says that he will make his own decision on when to retire.

Wawrinka feels that the critics have their right to talk about his career and his dip in the rankings but he feels that some things are more important than results.

He may have dropped to No 80 in the rankings, a far cry from his career-best No 3 slot, but the Swiss star feels that he can still compete at the top level.

Wawrinka insists that he is still a contender to get results and prove that he can fight for titles on the ATP Tour no matter what his age is right now.

The 2015 French Open champion says that he still has things that he wants to achieve in tennis.

“There are always goals,” Wawrinka told Express Sport.

“I think as an athlete it’s important to set yourself some goals.

“I also know that of course, the goals I had 10 years ago are not the same now, especially after so many injuries and surgeries the last few years.

“I’ve been on tour for 20 years and of course when I get to 39 years old and I’m 80 in the world, for sure people will ask me the question and I have no problem with that,” Wawrinka added.

“It’s just the way I want to answer it and the way I want to prove that I still want to be there.

“At the end of the day, I decide what I’m going to do with my tennis career.

“And as much as I enjoy what I’m doing, I’m passionate about that, I still feel competitive to play some big matches and to win some good matches, I want to keep going because it’s a chance to be still playing at that level.”

Stan Wawrinka chasing another title

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Wawrinka admits that he craves a 17th career title on the ATP Tour.

“I would love to win a title again, that’s my personal goal,” Wawrinka said.

“And the rest is about doing the right thing every day, pushing yourself to be the best I can be today at my age where I am in my career it’s really important to control what you can control.

“That means the practice, that means what you do every day, because the results you cannot really control but you can prepare yourself the best way possible for it.”

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