Stefanos Tsitsipas claims NextGen title but declares himself ‘bemused’ by rules

Michael Graham
Stefanos Tsitsipas nextgen
Stefanos Tsitsipas nextgen

Stefanos Tsitsipas triumphed at the NextGen ATP Final on Saturday against Alex de Minaur, before declaring himself bemused with the competition’s odd rules.

The Greek sensation toppled Australian de Minaur 2-4 4-1 4-3 4-3 to claim the title, in which the first player to four games wins the set with tiebreaks played at 3-3.

“The games are very stressful,” said Tsitsipas, who has climbed to number 15 in the world from his season-starting position on 91.

“Obviously there’s no advantage so you need to be twice more concentrated.

“But, I love those rules because I won.”

In addition to the scoring innovations, players are allowed to communicate with coaches via headsets, and must retrieve their own towel from court-side racks.

Hawk-eye is also used is live action with a video review system in place to regulate it.

“The headset, I’m not a big fan of it, but you could see from the reaction yesterday,” he added.

“Live Hawk-Eye was exciting … very, very good. No mistakes. Very accurate. Very responsive… just much better than the human eye. So I love the live Hawk-Eye.

“Hopefully it can be put in more events in the future and be the innovation of the game.”

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