‘The draw is tough here’ – Roger Federer reacts to potentially brutal path at Shanghai Masters

Roger Federer wiping his face

Roger Federer has described his Shanghai Masters draw as ‘tough,’ but says he still feels like he has enough to win the competition.

Federer was handed a tough route to the final which could see him having to go through Marin Cilic, David Goffn, Alexander Zverev, and Dominic Thiem before a potential final against Novak Djokovic or Daniil Medvedev.

“The draw is tough here,” Federer admitted. “It also depends on your opponents a little bit.

“It’s not just every match on my racket, unfortunately, but I feel like I have good energy left in the tank to go and finish strong.”

17,000 fans turned up in Shanghai to watch an exhibition featuring Federer, Marin Cilic, and Chinese players Wu Di and Hua Run Hao on Saturday.

And, even with all of Federer’s experience, it was an experience that still blew him away.

”The fans get together [and] really make a conscious effort to show me how excited and happy they are,” Federer said.

“I felt that yesterday at Fan Day. It means a lot to me. You don’t get fans grouping together like this anywhere else in the world.

“When somebody asks you a question, you try to answer. When somebody asks you for a picture, you try to take it.

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“It means so much to any fan because it’s maybe the first time they’ve seen you or maybe they have travelled far just to get a chance to be near you or ask you a question.

”Sometimes you’re more tired than other days. For the most part, I try to lead by example for the new generation of players who I hope are going to be great for the game.

“I’m aware that I have the chance and the power to motivate, inspire younger children and set a good example.

“That’s something I have always appreciated and thought was very nice.”

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