Tim Henman urges ‘great player’ Nick Kyrgios to focus on realising his enormous potential

Nick Kyrgios raging PA

Tim Henman has urged Nick Kyrgios to leave his controversial ways behind him and focus instead on realising his enormous potential.

The wrong kind of headlines have followed Kyrgios around during his career, culminating in his walking off court in a rage and defaulting at the Italian Open last week.

Kyrgios has been described as ‘box office’ for the drama that tends to follow him around, but Henman wants to see a lot more from him.

“I think when you look at Kyrgios, first and foremost you’re looking at him as a player,” Henman is quoted to have said by Metro.

“The question it comes back to is: what is success? How do you quantify success?

“It’s very easy in sport to look at it as winning and losing and that’s probably not the best way. I think the way you quantify it is maximising your potential.

“So is Nick Kyrgios maximising his potential? My opinion is no, he’s not.

“That’s, first and foremost, most disappointing for him but I think it’s also disappointing for tennis. I think there is a character but there’s an enormous talent.

“I want to see him get his head down and concentrate on what he’s doing and then play the tennis he’s capable of more often.

“He’s a great player,” Henman added. “There’s very few [who can reach that level]. He should be winning tournaments and challenging for the majors.”

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