Two decades of Roger Federer: The hairstyle evolution of the Swiss great

This year marks 20 years of Roger Federer on the ATP Tour and it’s only right that we reflect on how his hairstyle changed of the years.

This is the earliest picture of Federer we could find. Well, one that we could legally use anyway. Here he is holding aloft the Boys’ Singles trophy at Wimbledon in 1998.

We are not sure what that is on top of his head or what he is doing, but this is him during the Davis Cup in 2000.

A young Federer on the beach in 2000.

The locks and some sideburns came out at Wimbledon that same year.

A few months later at the US Open he switched to a headband.

The headband was the style he adopted for several years, but every now and then he did let his hair down and tried to grow a moustache as seen here at the 2002 ATP Awards.

This was the look when he won his first Grand Slam at Wimbledon in 2003.

He also won the 2004 US Open in a headband, but let his hair down afterwards.

And then the hair got a little trim and the ponytail disappeared.

It also got blow-dried for press conferences.

This was now the on-court Federer look, sometimes quite short, sometimes a bit long.

The shorter hair, thinner headband version.

The off-court look in 2009.

And then one day in May 2013 he sported the “dad” haircut, which many felt didn’t suit him.

Probably not his best haircut.

Of course he allowed it to grow a bit longer.

The “dad” haircut was back by mid-2017, but when you win Wimbledon titles no one cares.

At the 2018 Australian Open.

He emerged from his three-month break in June 2018 with a neat-looking hairdo. Not quite the “dad” haircut, but still very short.

Here he is at the Gerry Weber Open in Halle.