Unapologetic Nick Kyrgios not interested in receiving advice from Novak Djokovic

Nick Kyrgios in action

There appears to be no end in sight to Nick Kyrgios’ criticism of Novak Djokovic with the Australian insinuating that the world No 1 doesn’t get called out when he crosses the line.

The whole debacle started when Kyrgios lashed out at Djokovic as well as Rafael Nadal during a No Challenges Remaining podcast in May.

He said the 15-time Grand Slam winner had a “sick obsession with being liked” and described Nadal as being “super salty”.

Djokovic finally commented on the remarks earlier this week saying he is “not losing any sleep” over the “wave of criticisms”, but added he is not sure why the Australian “is saying all these things”.

The Serb also revealed that a few years ago he “offered help in the sense that I told him he could always come and talk to me if he needed to”.

However, Kyrgios is not interested.

“Why would I?” he asked. “What’s he gonna tell me? What would he tell me? What do you think he would tell me that I would go there for advice? What would he tell me?

“I don’t understand with you guys. Like, dude, have you not seen Novak with ball boys and smack balls at people? Do you not see that?

“How come it doesn’t blown up the same when I do it? Why doesn’t it?”

When he was told that the Djokovic does make the headlines for the wrong reasons, he replied: “Does it? Really? Okay. If you’re being honest, which I know you’re not, then we can have this conversation another time.”

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