Vasek Pospisil takes swipe at Nick Kyrgios over merger stance, saying he has ‘done zero due diligence’

Shahida Jacobs
Nick Kyrgios

ATP Player Council member Vasek Pospisil has taken a swipe at Nick Kyrgios over his opposition to a possible ATP-WTA merger, saying the Australian is “in no position to express an opinion” on the issue.

Roger Federer got the ball rolling in April when he took to Twitter to call for the men’s ATP Tour to merge with women’s WTA Tour.

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Most players on both the ATP and WTA Tours, former players, pundits and role players appeared to be in favour of the idea

Kyrgios, though, was one of the few players who was not keen on a merger, writing on Twitter: “Did anyone ask the majority of the ATP what they think about merging with the WTA and how it is good for us?”

He latter added: “We shouldn’t merge.”

Pospisil feels Kyrgios has “done zero due diligence” so should not comment on the issue.

“A lot of players, or people in general, express an opinion without having any information, just because they feel like they want to say something, so I think that might be the case with Nick,” he told TSN.

“To be honest he’s in no position to express an opinion when he just hears about this for the first time and has done zero due diligence.

“So there are some guys like that and I’ll have no problem telling him that to his face, but again it raises eyebrows, and there are a lot of valid questions that need to be asked and answered, which I have.”

Pospisil also praised world No 1 and ATP Council President Novak Djokovic for the work he has done in recent months as the Serb was at the forefront of talks to raise funds for lower-ranked players struggling during the enforced break.

“I’ve been really impressed with Novak, how much he cares for all the players,” the Canadian said.

“Even the lower-ranked guys. I don’t know if it is because of where he came from or how he grew up.

“I know that his family went through tough times when he was a kid, he really cares for all the players and the lower-ranked guys and so I give him so much respect and credit for trying to actually affect positive change.”

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