Watch: Andrey Rublev moved by heartfelt fan message

Andrey Rublev in action

Andrey Rublev is a sentimental favourite for many tennis fans and is often commended for being one of the nicest guys on tour.

Rublev wears his heart on his sleeve on court and his fans love him for it.

One fan felt particularly moved by his performance in the US Open quarter-final against Daniil Medvedev.

Someone at the ATP spotted a fan comment on YouTube and got Rublev to read the special message.

“In the hopes that maybe Andrey reads this, I say this.

“You are the reason I started to watch tennis again after losing my mother to cancer.

“We loved watching tournaments together and after she died, I found it too difficult to watch without her,” the message read.

“One night I couldn’t sleep, went back downstairs to watch some television and stumbled across you playing Daniil in the US Open quarter-final.

“You lost the math but got me hooked again and I have followed you ever since, so thank you Andrey. I hope I can meet you one day to thank you in person,” the comment read.

Rublev was deeply moved by the message and said that it is he who is inspired by this fan.

“That’s hard. I want to give a hug to this person and say thanks for being strong.

“There is nothing to thank me [for].

“I want to say, thank this person because this is, I would say, this is opposite. This is inspiring me.

“I feel very impressed with this message, with the person, because there is a way to face it and keep believing, I would say,” Andrey Rublev said.

Alberto Martin has been part of Rublev’s team for a time and has remarked that he is a very warm personality who is loved on the ATP Tour.

“Andrey Rublev is very calm and very warm.

“He does things that I haven’t seen many times in my life.

“He comes out of practice and signs autographs for everyone, all the people who are waiting.

“I remember that he came out of the game in Dubai and signed 45 minutes.”

“I told him: ‘Man, you have to cool down’, but he doesn’t want to leave anyone without a signature. He says that it is part of his legacy, of what he wants to represent. He wants the fans to be happy. So we respect it,” Martin said.

“In the locker room he is very loved by his [colleagues]. Everyone says that he is a very nice guy. And on the track he is very legal.

“He also surprised me that he launched his clothing brand,” Martin said.

“The motto is ‘play for the kids, play for the light’. And he has not done it on a commercial level but because he wanted to leave a message.”

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