Who is Stanislas Wawrinka beefing with this week?

Stan Wawrinka

Three-time Grand Slam winner Stanislas Wawrinka has been extra prickly in 2023 and has a new beef after arriving in Rome.

Wawrinka took to Twitter to call out the official transportation for the Italian Open.

The Swiss Star suggested that the Roman transport was the worst on the ATP Tour.

Wawrinka has had some fiery exchanges on court this season as well.

The 38-year-old sounded multiple warnings to young Danish star Holger Rune in their fiery Indian Wells clash.

Rune wasn’t innocent in the exchanges, remembering a previous encounter with Wawrinka and challenging him at the net.

Wawrinka had been caught by Paris Masters microphones telling off the 19-year-old who went on to win the event.

“My advice to you is that you stop acting like a baby on court,” Stanislas Wawrinka said.

Rune was carrying a chip on his shoulder and issued a challenge also caught by television cameras and sound.

“You’ve got nothing to say now?” Rune asked at the net following a 6-2, 6-7 (5), 7-5 defeat in the California desert heat.

Wawrinka responded calmer than expected and tried to diffuse the situation on court.

“What do you want me to say?” Wawrinka was heard to say in response to the challenge from Rune at Indian Wells.

Wawrinka would later have a warning for Rune issued at the post-match press conference when he was quizzed about the exchange by a member of the accredited press.

“There is not much to say there,” Wawrinka said from the Indian Wells press room.

“The only thing I can add is that he (Rune) is a young player, a very great champion with enormous potential. But he is making a reputation in the locker rooms that one day he will regret,” Wawrinka added in a warning to the rising star.

Australian firebrand Nick Kyrgios would stand up for Rune in that case, having had his own run-ins with Wawrinka in the past.

Unfortunately, the social media fallout from that run-in lingered long after Rune and Wawrinka buried the hatchet.

This led Rune to post a frank statement calling out trolling and hate on social media.

“Before you write hate or sh***y comments on my or any account, your should be aware of how the majority read your comment and see you as unintelligent,” Rune wrote in statements posted to his Twitter and Instagram accounts.

“Harsh judgements are handed out so people feel better about themselves, but everyone (if of average or above average intelligence) can see that they are hurting and have been brought down by something that has them feeling defensive (jealousy)- so they become critical of others hoping to restore their self-esteem. Needless to say with no luck,” Rune continued.

It is unclear if the Italian Open will issue an official public response to being called out by Wawrinka or if they will address the issue with the player quietly.

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