Andy Murray apologises to fan and offers Australian Open ticket after practice match

Andy Murray in action

Andy Murray, take a bow! The three-time Grand Slam winner apologised to a fan and offered her a ticket to the Australian Open despite a rough start to his day in Australia.

Murray was probably not have been in the best of moods after Novak Djokovic took him to the cleaners during a practice match at Melbourne Park, but he still had it in him to apologise to one fan, who turned up to watch.

@jjkollmorgen wrote on Instagram: “Still in absolute shock that I finally got to see the man behind my love for tennis in action today. If it wasn’t for Andy, I’d still be sitting at home questioning mum on how she could possibly watch a sport that is so “boring”. It was Muzza that showed me just how entertaining tennis really could be and for that I thank him with my whole heart.”

Murray then made her day even better when he replied to her post.

“I’m sorry I couldn’t be more entertaining today – thanks for the support,” he wrote.

And the exchanged continued with Murray offering her tickets to his first-round match against Roberto Bautista Agut.


All in a day’s work for Sir Andy Murray…roll on the Australian Open.

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