‘He’s a prisoner’ – Novak Djokovic’s parents weigh in on vaccine row

Novak Djokovic enters the arena

Novak Djokovic was denied entry into Australia upon arrival on Wednesday after it was revealed there was a mix-up with his visa and is currently staying in a quarantine hotel, but his parents insist he is being kept prisoner.

After the 20 time Grand Slam winner’s team filled out the wrong paperwork for his visa, as they incorrectly applied for a visa without the option of being granted a medical exemption from being required to have the Covid-19 vaccination, the Serbian is being kept in a hotel while he waits for the appeal hearing to the deportation decision on Monday morning.

However, his mother and father have both spoken to the media in support of their son and have revealed the conditions he’s supposedly being kept in, with his dad even likening him to freedom fighter Spartacus.

“He’s not in detention, he’s in prison, they took all of his stuff even his wallet – they left him with just a phone and no change of clothes, no where to wash his face,” Srdjan Djokovic told reporters.

“Tonight they can throw him in a dungeon, tomorrow they can put him in chains.

“Novak is the Spartacus of the new world which won’t tolerate injustice, colonialism and hypocrisy – freedom Novak, we’re all with you.”

The reigning Australian Open champion’s mother, Dijana, also spoke to the press about the situation, saying that the Australian authorities want to “clip his wing” due to a “political agenda.”

She also added: “As a mother how do you feel? I’ve felt terrible since yesterday.

“They are keeping him as a prisoner, it’s just not fair, it’s not human.

“I hope that he will win.”

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Djokovic has never publicly revealed his vaccination status and has been considered as an opponent of them because of it and due to the medical exemption he declared in order to secure a place at the Australian Open, which isn’t looking quite as secure now.

The world No 1’s fate will be sealed on Monday morning after his appeal hearing, but until then he stays in his quarantine hotel over the weekend.